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Woodridge mayor to incoming policeman: "We welcome you to the team and thank you so much"

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The Woodridge Village Board welcomed a new officer to the Woodridge Police Department during a Nov. 3 board meeting.

Woodridge Police Chief Brian Cunningham welcomed Officer Luke Boda during the meeting and spoke of his character and professionalism. Boda grew up in Chicago before moving to Park Ridge. Following his high school graduation, he entered the U.S. Army Reserves in 2009 and earned the rank of sergeant in the Military Police. He completed three deployments, one in Afghanistan and two in Guantanamo Bay working in the prison. He has also worked in both correctional facilities and private security. He attended the police academy in Champaign-Urbana and was recognized by the chief for both his abilities and his strong, immediate connections with his peers. Boda joined the Woodridge Police Department in January.

“Thank you, Chief, for the kind words," Boda said in the meeting, standing at the podium following Cunningham's introduction. "Probably just leave now on a high note. But I'll say the same thing that I said when I first got sworn in here. I'm happy for the opportunity to work for Woodridge. Everyone, the officers, the people that I meet, they've all been extremely kind, willing to work, willing to show me, teach me. And like you said, there's like seven of them right now handling my case, like of the department. So they all smiled when I said that I had to come here. But I appreciate everything that everyone's taught me, and then the opportunity as well. And I look forward to having a fulfilling career here.”

Woodridge Mayor Gina Cunningham also welcomed the new officer.

"Well, we welcome you and we know you've had a very busy day, but we thank you for stepping right in and with the fire and warmth that you have and helping and making a difference here in our community," she responded to Boda's comments. "Just wonderful news. Joining a great team. We're very, very fortunate in Woodridge to have such excellent, you know, policing and service and professionalism. So we welcome you to the team and thank you so much. And thank you for being here, officers, tonight to join in support, and we appreciate it very much. And we're looking forward to a wonderful career here in Woodridge. And thank you for being part of our family."

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