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Wolf: 'These investments in Pennsylvania’s rail system create jobs'

The projects are expected to improve freight mobility while creating or sustaining over 340 jobs across the state. The State Transportation Commission voted to approve $26 million for the projects through both the Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) and the Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP).

“These investments in Pennsylvania’s rail system create jobs, support efficient freight travel, and help keep the business community connected to the global economy,” Wolf said.

Pennsylvania maintains 65 operating railroads, which is the highest number of any state. PennDOT has declared its commitment to working with both private rail operators and rail-served businesses to construct new rail lines and assist in painting and improving approximately 5,600 miles of freight lines in the state.

The 24 approved projects are as follows: Allegheny Raw Materials; Allegheny Valley Railroad; Mulach Steel, d/b/a Chapman Properties; Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad; Refined Plastics; R.J. Corman Railroad - Lehigh Line; Shale Rail; RJ Corman Railroad; Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad; SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority; Cleveland-Cliffs Plate; Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad; Pine Creek Seed Holdings; IRG Erie; West Erie Short Line; Franklin Storage; Redevelopment Authority of Luzerne County; Delaware - Lackawanna Railroad; Kasgro Rail Corporation; Penn Recycling; Integrity Commercial Investments; Country View Family Farms and York Railway.

Wolf's second term as governor ends on Jan. 17, at which point he will be succeeded by fellow Democrat Josh Shapiro.

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