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Windhorst: 'Enjoyed seeing everyone at our Century Club & Supporters Appreciation Dinner tonight!'

Illinois State Representative Patrick Windhorst (R) commented on his appearance at the Century Club & Supporters Appreciation Dinner in a Facebook post published on Thursday.

"Enjoyed seeing everyone at our Century Club & Supporters Appreciation Dinner tonight!" Windhorst wrote. "I’m very thankful for your efforts and encouragement."

Windhorst is a Metropolis resident who was first elected to the Illinois House in 2018. His legislative experience includes serving on the Restorative Justice Committee and the Judiciary-Criminal Committee.

Windhorst also joined an effort among Republicans to get signatures for a petition arguing that House Bill 5855 is unconstitutional. As of Tuesday, the petition has over 1,100 signatures.

”The latest iteration of gun and ammunition control legislation is problematic in many ways, including outlawing legal gun ownership for people under age 21, outlawing hunting for people under age 21 unless accompanied by an adult age 21 or older that holds a valid FOID card, and the implementation of a fee-based gun registration database that would turn current law-abiding citizens into felons for non-compliance,” he wrote in a Facebook published on Saturday. “In Southern Illinois, safe and legal gun ownership is a generational tradition for many families. Hunting is a way of life and a way of gathering food for many families that I represent.”

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