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Williams: "We are asking for the opportunity to put discussion into these businesses"

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The village proposed a 180-day moratorium on the location, development, installation, construction, and licensure of barber shops, nail salons, fast food, tobacco shops, and special event spaces. The pause was requested because of concerns that some businesses in the business district have used a large amount of city and police resources. The village requested time to review the related codes and ordinances and to make new plans to resolve the existing issues and prevent similar problems from occurring again in the future.

"We need to have the opportunity and we are asking for the opportunity to really put mindful discussion into these particular businesses and allow us to work out a plan, whether it be location, whether it be limiting number so that we can bring forth before this board again, a plan for handling these types of businesses in our business community," said City Clerk Gwaine Williams.

During the hearing, residents were able to speak about the issue in front of the board. Many noted that prices have risen and that Maywood has struggled to successfully invite or retain new businesses. They wondered aloud how the board would address these issues, as well as Maywood residents being able to financially support any new businesses.

The board addressed many of their concerns, reporting that the local crime rate has been slowly decreasing and that higher property taxes are instead due to the increasing value of homes. The board both voted approvingly on the moratorium and recommended its approval.

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