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Whitmer praises Stellantis investment for "building on our rich automotive legacy"

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer released a statement Monday praising international automobile company Stellantis' $83 million investment in the state's Dundee Engine Complex.

"Today’s $83 million investment from Stellantis at the Dundee Engine Complex is a win for our auto workers and will help us secure the future of hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturing right here in Michigan," Whitmer said. "We will build on our auto industry leadership, creating jobs and ushering in a sustainable transportation future by leveraging our innovation and talent."

Michigan received the largest portion of Stellantis' $99 million investment in three plants across America. The Dundee Engine Complex will use the new funds to support the building of a new four-cylinder turbo engine for their hybrid electric vehicles.

Since 2019, more than 25,000 projected jobs in the automotive and mobility sector have been announced in Michigan, including automaker Ford Motor Company investing $2 billion in the company's plants across the state in June, creating over 3,000 manufacturing jobs.

"Together, we will build on investments like today’s at the Dundee Engine Complex and the historic investment in 2019 to bring the first auto assembly plant to Detroit in 30 years," Whitmer continued in her statement. "Let's stay focused on growing our economy, building on our rich automotive legacy, and creating good-paying, high-skill jobs for Michiganders in every region of our state."

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