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TEST President: 'What we're doing is we're going to a different style'

The first proposal was a $40,709 invoice for a new pump for one of Peru's waste-water treatment plants. The new pump was needed because the old one has been worn down with age and maintained and rebuilt so many times that it's incapable of doing its task. During the meeting, the Council had to both accept the invoice and approve an $18,500 proposal from J.B. Contractors for modifications made to the current system to ensure that the new pump would be compatible with the station.

"What we're doing is we're going to a different style," said Total Environment Service Technologies president Chris Perra. "What we're doing is we're going to a different style. We're hoping not to have so many repairs with it. So the first motion is for the new pump, and then the second motion coming up is actually -- we have to do some modification work down in the basement of the wastewater plant for the new style pump. But everything is leading us to believe that this new screw pump will last even longer than the last one did. We'll have fewer breakdowns. And this is something that you can't live without down there. This is something that works 24/7/365."

Another topic of discussion was the city's water utility infrastructure. The first item was a contract with G.L. Scheri Electric Co. to install new technology in the North Water Tower. The tower needed a new control panel and mixer, which were needed to prevent the stored water from becoming stagnant. The North Tower wasn't built with such systems installed, so part of the contract involved running a cable and installing a panel.

The final point was a $36,088 proposal from Complete Integration & Service LLC for remote monitoring with flow meters. Said meters, alongside remote access, will be able to record and view pressure changes, and would activate the city's alarm system should a dramatic pressure change occur. This would result in better and quicker insight for the city's response team in a water main break were to occur in Peru. All of the proposals were approved by the Council.

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