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StoreDot chief science officer: '[This] is further evidence of our rapid expansion'

The new facility will be used to accelerate the company's development of semi-solid battery technology and material research in the U.S. According to the release, the California location was chosen due to the large amount of talent on America's West Coast, as well as due to StoreDot's desire to strengthen its relationship with U.S.-headquartered EV manufacturers.

"With the growing activity of testing programs around the globe, the opening of our new U.S. R&D innovation hub is further evidence of our rapid expansion," said StoreDot Chief Science Officer Dr. David Lee. "Now that we have an operational U.S. base, we are looking to harness the world-class talent pool here to bolster the development of our leading XFC technology and its future generations. It's an honor to be leading this team, which will work closely with our Israel headquarters and bring new skills and scientific capabilities to the company as we scale up our business and transition to mass production."

Lee and his team will be working alongside StoreDot's R&D headquarters in Israel, allowing the company to continue to scale up globally and remain on track to attain the goals laid out in its 2022 roadmap. In that year, StoreDot demonstrated the live charging of an EV battery cell in approximately 10 minutes, breaking a world record.

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