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Stoller on inspector general report: "Well this is troubling…"

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State Sen. Win Stoller shared a brief comment in a Dec. 5 Facebook post regarding a recent article published by Illinois Policy.

"Well, this is troubling..." Stoller wrote.

Citing a report published by the Office of the Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois General, the OEIG received a record-breaking 3,075 complaints (over 700 more than in 2021) regarding employees who work under Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, with many such complaints covering allegations of misuse of public funds and conflicts of interest. The OEIG also opened 79 investigations and completed 88 investigations, with 20 culminating in findings of wrongdoing. In FY 2022, the Executive Ethics Commission (EEC) made nine founded reports public.

Illinois Policy also reported that: "The fiscal year 2022 report detailed 291 revolving door determinations – a 55% increase in a year – in which a state department administrator accepted a private-sector job. Ethics laws prohibit certain state employees from immediately taking a job they impacted as an administrator. Of the 291 state employees seeking non-public employment, four were prohibited from doing so unless they waited one year after leaving their government job."

According to Illinois Policy, "The report also details wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. The Illinois Department of Human Services awarded $54,000 in payments meant for child care services to an individual who falsified documents about serving children from low-income families."

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