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Sisul presents Fall benchmarking data during Downers Grove Grade School District 58 board meeting

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Justin Sisul, Downers Grove Grade School District 58 assistant superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, presented a district-level overview of Fall 2022 benchmarking data at the Oct. 11 Board of Education meeting.

This marked the second usage of new data formatting following an agreement to use said formatting in Spring. The district is also within the desired range for both reading and math, with 88% of students showing high and/or expected growth in the former category and 78% showing the same in the latter.

Additionally, the district examined the students' MAP scores from grades K through 8, revealing both the national results and their percentile in a smaller, localized sample size. All percentiles were shown to be above 60 for every subject in each grade. Overall scores were slightly higher in math than in reading, especially for those in the younger grades.

District data was examined using Education Consulting Research Analytics (ECRA) to study the predicted trends of students throughout the school year from grade level to grade level. Sisul displayed charts rating data based on whether or not students were reaching their expected growth levels. Nearly every grade, school and category hit their expected growth marker. While some fell slightly below it, that simply meant that their growth level did not reach the estimate, and not that no improvements were made.

A few categories were also above the expected growth level.

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