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Severin: 'There is a total misunderstanding by House Democrats of our constitutional rights'

“The people in my district have overwhelmingly stated their opposition to HB 5855, the so-called assault weapons ban that’s being pushed by Chicago and suburban Democrats,” Severin said. “There is a total misunderstanding by House Democrats of our constitutional right to bear arms. The bill severely limits gun ownership for law-abiding citizens. It is time we speak out and speak up as a region.

“The Democrats’ sweeping gun and ammunition control legislation contains several items I find troubling and wrong. HB 5855 as written would ban legal gun ownership for people under age 21, outlaw hunting for people under age 21 unless accompanied by an adult age 21 or older that holds a valid FOID card, and force law-abiding citizens to pay a fee to register their semi-automatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns and make law-abiding citizens into felons overnight,” Severin continued.

“In Southern Illinois, we value our traditions and our constitutional rights. I’m asking my constituents to join me in sending a resounding message opposing this unconstitutional gun control bill,” Severin concluded.

The statement could also be found in the form of a press release published on his official website.

According to the Illinois General Assembly's official website, HB 5855 was first referred to the House Rules Committee on Dec. 1. As of Jan. 2, Severin's petition has over 1,400 signatures.

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