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Roselle engineer Mehl: "We are continuing to evaluate the condition of [our sidewalks]"

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The Roselle Village Board responded to public concerns regarding sidewalk maintenance in the downtown area during its Nov. 7 board meeting.

A public comment submitted ahead of the meeting requested the undertaking of maintenance on sidewalks leading into the downtown area, as they've begun to show their age and are no longer safe for pedestrians. The Roselle resident also requested the inclusion of each artery and main way into the downtown area in reviews and future projects.

In response, the board said that the sidewalks are made out of asphalt instead of concrete, and because of this, the price for renovating or replacing them is much higher than it would be otherwise. However, the board is still focused on finding the necessary funds and on addressing sidewalk-related issues as they arise. They also plan on allocating state funding to broader paving projects including the sidewalk issues.

"We are continuing to evaluate the condition of them and make repairs and other improvements as we have funding available based on addressing other chip hazards and significant ADA issues throughout the village first," said City Engineer Kristin Mehl.

The board also explained that the sidewalks had to be installed as blacktop instead of concrete due to a court order placed on Roselle by a local group that mandated the methods of installing sidewalks, street lights, curbs, and gutters in the area. The board will have to obtain legal advice to get details regarding how the court order impacts maintenance on the sidewalks, but those who filed the original lawsuit are still Roselle residents.

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