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Risavy: 'The city of Edwardsville is fortunate to have an amazing municipal band'

Art Risavy, mayor of Edwardsville, recognized two members of the city's municipal band. Jim Kerfoot and Bob Towner resigned from their posts after decades of service. The men's resignations were approved by the council members, who gifted them awards of recognition during the meeting.

"The city of Edwardsville is fortunate to have an amazing municipal band that has become a beloved summer staple," Risavy said. "It's a community tradition that dates back over 137 years. Tonight, I'm sad to announce that two people who have dedicated more than two decades each to making this band so wonderful are stepping down. Neither person is likely to toot his own horn when it comes to their tenure with the band, so we'll do it for them this evening."

Kerfoot resigned from the position of municipal band director. He joined the band in 1998 as a flute and piccolo player. He was named assistant director a year later and promoted to director in 2011. He oversaw all of the group's performances.

Towner was not a musician in the band; he served on the group's board since 1995. He and his wife were in the audience for almost every band performance over the course of three decades.

Both men thanked the council members and Risavy for the recognition. They recalled their love for the band and music and said they appreciated the opportunity to be involved with something so important to them.

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