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Reveal CEO: "Streams is the next chapter in rich visualization"

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Reveal, the provider of the eDiscovery platform, has introduced Streams, a "macro-visualization engine [which] maps massive amounts of data from traditional and alternative data sources to immediately uncover patterns saving time and resources, while exponentially amplifying insights," according to a press release.

The engine is expected to be available in early 2023. The company believes that Streams, when used with the full suite of Reveal's AI-powered utilities such as AI Model Library, Communication Map, and Cluster Wheel, will produce results a level above those found elsewhere in the industry.

“New communication platforms and formats have exploded in variety and adoption, creating a wealth of potentially relevant ESI sources that current discovery platforms struggle to parse,” Reveal founder and CEO Wendell Jisa said. “Streams solves this issue by bringing the varied threads together in a single, powerful interactive visual analytic tool that instantly becomes a force multiplier for case teams.”

Streams works to set itself apart from its competition by utilizing "AI-powered visualization that understands patterns, concepts, and anomalies" and collecting everything into a single thread. Streams is able to pull data from various platforms such as social media, messaging platforms, collaboration tools, virtual meeting communication problems, and email.

“The Cluster Wheel revolutionized how legal professionals could connect and uncover key evidence from email and document data sets," Jisa said. "Streams is the next chapter in rich visualization designed specifically for alternative data that helps uncover answers faster and more effectively than any other eDiscovery platform.”

Companies and organizations interested in joining the Reveal 11 platform, which includes Streams, can sign up by visiting

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