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Regan: 'EPA is holding facilities accountable and protecting our precious water resources'

The EPA released six proposed decisions that would reject petitions from facilities seeking to continue dumping coal combustion residuals into open-air impoundments, according to a Jan. 25 news release.

“With today’s proposed denials, EPA is holding facilities accountable and protecting our precious water resources from harmful contamination, all while ensuring a reliable supply of electricity to our communities,” EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan said in the release. “We remain committed to working with our state partners to protect everyone, especially those in communities overburdened by pollution, from coal ash contamination now and into the future.”

The six proposals come from Belle River Power Plant, China Township, Michigan; Coal Creek Station, Underwood, N.D.; Conemaugh Generating Station, New Florence, Pa.; Coronado Generating Station, St. Johns, Ariz.; Martin Lake Steam Electric Station, Tatum, Texas; and Monroe Power Plant, Monroe, Mich., according to the release.

Improper handling of coal ash can cause pollution in rivers, groundwater, drinking water and air, the release reported. Pollutants such as mercury, cadmium, chromium and arsenic have been found in coal ash and have been linked to cancer and other negative health impacts.

According to the release, the move reflects the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to advancing environmental justice in impacted communities.

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