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Plummer: "We must reform the Illinois Republican Party and affiliated organizations"

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Republican State Senator Jason Plummer reflected on the 2022 general election and the state of the Illinois Republican Party in a recent Facebook post.

"We must reform the Illinois Republican Party and affiliated organizations, such as the political arms of the Illinois Senate Republican Caucus and Illinois House Republicans, if the GOP is ever to become a governing party again in the Land of Lincoln," Plummer wrote on Nov. 17.

"I enjoyed a brief conversation with former AG nominee Thomas DeVore and former IL GOP Chairman Pat Brady on Chicago's WTTW News WTTW - Chicago PBS. The beating we took last week—not in the Metro East, mind you—must be a clarion call to rid the party of grifters, hangers-on, anyone comfortable with the status quo, and those focused on self rather than service.

"Republican voters, volunteers, and donors must demand competence, hard work, selflessness, strong character and results from elected officials, party officials, staff and consultants," Plummer said.

Attached to the post was a video of the aforementioned WTTW News conversation.

"Tom is exactly right we have a structural problem here in Illinois," Plummer said in the video. "Regardless of the election cycle, regardless of names that you know people like to talk about. The fact of the matter is what we've done in Republican politics would be equivalent to sending the Chicago Cubs out onto the field without bats or gloves—you know you got to put your team in a position to win, and that includes you know county party organizations, precinct committeemen, get out the vote efforts, all of that blocking attack on your basic politics.

"You know the Republican Party and the various entities affiliated with it just haven't invested, you know, correctly and in the infrastructure takes to be competitive, and that's what we have to fix," he said.

Over the past year, Plummer has been outspoken about a number of political topics, including Chicago public schools and how he believes that they are failing children.

"This is immoral and unacceptable but no longer shocking," Plummer said according to a Metro East Sun article published on Oct. 11. "As a society, we sit back and watch young kids being set up for a hard life because of politics. In Illinois, education is often no longer about providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to be productive members of society. It's often about political donations, unions, votes, patronage and jobs, budgets, indoctrination, and many other things, none of which are focused on kids."

On Oct. 24, Plummer published a Facebook post sharing information that revealed that Illinois' unemployment rate was the worst in the United States, according to a separate Metro East Sun article published on Oct. 29.

"I literally don't know what could be more compelling to the average Illinoisan, Wirepoints," Plummer wrote in the post, referring to the organization that provided the statistics. "Yes for jobs and lower taxes, no for corruption and higher taxes. Vote Republican."

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