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Peru Alderman Edgcomb: 'I think in this day and age, dog owners are a lot more mindful'

Alderman Jason Edgcomb introduced the topic of dogs at Baker Lake Park. Currently, dogs aren't allowed on the premises, although according to Edgcomb, many people ignore the rule and bring their dogs anyway. He also claimed that he had spoken with many people regarding the issue and wanted the council to consider changing the rules and allowing dogs on the park's walking path. Edgcomb noted that people tended to be responsible and cleaned up after their dogs and that the geese that roam the park are more likely to be dangerous.

"I think in this day and age, dog owners are a lot more mindful of cleaning up after their pets," Alderman Bob Tieman said. "We go to the dog park at Veterans all the time and everybody carries bags with them. I think walking, you know, just the walking path, it's not a free rein on dogs, but as long as they have a leash, I really think that everybody pays attention when they're up there for the most part. I ride my bicycle on the path all the time and I wouldn't be bothered by a dog whatsoever. So I think it's something that needs to come into the new generation also. I think we need to get rid of the ban and just, you know, make it for responsible pet owners."

Tieman agreed with Edgcomb, saying that people should be allowed to be accompanied by their pets on early morning and late evening walks and jogs. He also noted that another Peru walking trail is already frequented by people walking with their dogs, which might not be legally allowed at that site, either. Tieman also noted that leashed dogs were already common at baseball games in the area.

Council agreed to discuss the matter further at a future meeting with an ordinance that may decrease some dog-related restrictions in Peru after the city attorney researches the issue and ensures that the city's agreements with other parties wouldn't be disrupted by any changes.

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