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New YMCA facility opens Friday in Ashland

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The following was edited by Missourian assistant city editor Cianna Morales. Click on the link to reach the original article.

The Southern Boone Area YMCA will be opening a new facility Friday in Ashland.

The 17,860-square-foot building features space for multiple rooms and programs, including a fitness center, a powerlifting area and a batting cage available for use by teams.

The facility is newer, larger and more state-of-the-art than anything the Ashland YMCA has had in the past, said Branch Director Kip Batye.

“I think everyone’s going to be impressed by what they see,” Batye said.

According to a news release, two new group exercise rooms will allow for some previously remote programs to be held on site, as well as new ones such as the cycling class Rhythm and Ride. The 686-square-foot Child Watch Center will also allow staff to look after more children than possible in the previous location.

The Southern Boone Area YMCA prioritizes programs that build “a healthy mind, body and spirit for all” in the community. The organization raises funds annually to provide assistance to those in need.

Batye said the support between YMCA facilities and their surrounding communities is mutual. The Southern Boone community raised more than $2 million for the facility, which is something that had never been achieved before by a fundraising project in the area.

“Our community in Southern Boone is so unique that, when there’s a goal to be set, our community rallies behind us and they support whatever it is,” Batye said.

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