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Nance: "Lemi Shine has shown continued dedication to providing safer products"

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized Texas-based Lemi Shine as a leading Safer Choice Formulator Product Manufacturer.

Lemi Shine received the 2022 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award for educating consumers about how products can be healthy and environmentally friendly as well as affordable and well-performing, according to a Nov. 7 EPA news release.

"The EPA's Safer Choice program has stood the test of time and has become the authority for consumers' trusted source for safer cleaners," Lemi Shine CEO Curtis Eggemeyer said in the release. "We are honored to continue to be at the forefront of their program and recognized for the fourth straight year in a row as their Partner of the Year."

Applicants for 2022's awards were encouraged to show how their work promotes environmental justice, climate change resilience, clean air or water, and/or improved drinking water quality, the release reported. In 2021, Lemi Shine introduced a new disinfectant wipe effective against SARS-CoV-2 and is certified by the Design for the Environment program.

“For four years, Lemi Shine has shown continued dedication to providing safer products for the public and the environment,” Regional Administrator Dr. Earthea Nance said in the release. “We thank Lemi Shine and all Safer Choice winners for their contributions and look forward to their continued environmental leadership.”

The company also uses social media as a means of advertising its Safer Choice-certified products and promotes the use of other Safer Choice-certified products on blogs centered on cleaning tricks and techniques on its website, according to the release.

"Cleaning and other products made with safer chemicals – like those certified by the Safer Choice program – help protect workers, families, communities, and the planet,” EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention Deputy Assistant Administrator for Pollution Prevention Jennie Romer said in the release. “This year, we’re pleased to recognize a variety of organizations for their support of safer chemistry and sustainability, many of which have worked to advance the central priorities of the Biden-Harris administration of addressing environmental justice and climate change.”

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