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Michigan Rep. Lawrence: "I Am Proud To Have Advocated For The $2 Billion... To Help Workers Thrive"

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer and bipartisan members of Michigan's congressional delegation released statements Thursday applauding the Creating Helpful Incentives for the Production of Semiconductors for America and Science (CHIPS) and Science Act advancing in the House following its advancement in the Senate the day prior, sending it to the desk of President Joe Biden for signing. The bill was supported by both Democrats and Republicans as a means of facing the global semiconductor chip shortage and ensuring that America remains economically competitive with China.

“Today, Team Michigan came together to deliver a historic win by voting to pass the CHIPS and Science Act, a bipartisan bill making game-changing investments in Michigan’s workers, manufacturers, and consumers,” Whitmer said. “I am so grateful to our congressional delegation for working across the aisle to get this done."

“America’s economy and Michigan workers should not have to rely on foreign made semiconductor chips," Democratic Representative Dan Kildee (MI-05) said. "With this bipartisan bill, we can bring chip production back to Michigan and the United States, helping to lower costs for working families, boost our economy and create good-paying jobs."

“By making these investments, we also strengthen America’s national security and bolster our ability to economically compete with China,” Kildee continued.

“The CHIPS Act will lower prices, create good paying jobs, and drive Michiganders forward by boosting domestic semiconductor production and research,” Democratic Representative Brenda L. Lawrence (MI-14) said. “I am proud to have advocated for the $2 billion – dedicated to chips used by the auto industry – to help Michigan’s auto manufacturers, parts suppliers, and workers thrive.”

“We’ve heard loud and clear from Michigan workers and labor unions about the importance of getting people back to work and protecting manufacturing jobs here at home,” Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) said. "As these funds are dispersed, we must also ensure that the bill’s labor protections are zealously enforced and corporations are prevented from enriching themselves through stock buybacks, so that these major investments uplift Michigan workers and our communities."

The CHIPS and Science Act is the result of over a year's worth of bipartisan negotiation at various levels of state and federal government. The bill will fund $52 billion in incentives to boost domestic semiconductor production and research. $2 billion of the incentives will be used to jumpstart the production of the “mature node” semiconductors used by automakers and parts suppliers.

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