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Mayorkas: "I am deeply disappointed by today's DACA ruling and the ongoing uncertainty"

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U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas released a statement regarding the Fifth Circuit Ruling on DACA.

He reported that since the stay remains in place, no one who currently has DACA will be losing protection from removal or work authorization, according to his Oct. 6 statement. He added DHS will continue accepting initial and renewal DACA applications, but will only process the DACA renewal requests.

“I am deeply disappointed by today’s DACA ruling and the ongoing uncertainty it creates for families and communities across the country," Mayorkas said in his statement. "We are currently reviewing the court’s decision and will work with the Department of Justice on an appropriate legal response."

He noted DHS issued a rule to "preserve and fortify DACA" since it has "transformed the lives of so many Dreamers who have enriched our nation through their contributions," the statement reported.

“It is clear, though, that only the passage of legislation will give full protection and a well-deserved path to citizenship for DACA recipients. I urge Congress to swiftly pass legislation to provide permanent protection to the hundreds of thousands of Dreamers who call the United States home,” Mayorkas concluded in his statement.

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