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Life is Good president: 'We listen to our community and are excited to bring Life is Good abroad"

Lifestyle brand company Life is Good is now selling its products in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands through the Amazon marketplace from Monday onward, according to a release also published on Monday. The company also plans to expand its market to additional companies in 2023.

"This is just the first leg of our worldwide adventure. Soon we'll be expanding to the U.K., Australia and New Zealand as well," said Life is Good Company President Tom Hassell. "We listen to our community and are excited to bring Life is Good abroad through the convenience of Amazon."

European Life is Good customers can access their products by visiting their country's local Amazon online store, where men's and woman's short- and long-sleeve graphic tees have been designed to match the interests of each country's residents. The European stores' line of products will also update seasonally to incorporate new styles into the available selection, similar to the U.S. version of the market.

Life is Good also donates 10% of its profits to the Life is Good Playmaker Project, which supports over 1 million kids dealing with life-changing struggles such as poverty, violence and illness every year. Playmaker is comprised of over 16,000 professionals working in the U.S., Haiti, Ukraine and other countries.

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