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Latino Coalition chair: "I support Heidi because she is a Mom on a Mission to fix Colorado"

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The gubernatorial campaign for Colorado Republican Heidi Ganahl has announced the launch of its Latino Coalition, a group of community and faith leaders, parents, and business owners in support of Ganahl, according to a campaign press release published Friday. The Coalition shares Ganahl's platform issues such as addressing the state's rising cost of living and surging crime rate. The Coalition is chaired by Jacqueline Bouvier, a leader in Colorado's Hispanic and faith communities.

“I support Heidi because she is a Mom on a Mission to fix Colorado," Bouvier said. "21% of Colorado’s population is Latino, over 1 million people. All of them are looking forward to an opportunity to afford to live here, save our children from deadly drugs, help educate children and allow them an opportunity to succeed, and reduce crime. Heidi is the perfect person to make this change happen. As a Latino Coalition, we will create awareness and inform others of Heidi’s plans and her heart for Latinos in our state.”

“I’m supporting Heidi and Danny [Moore] because they are the right team for the right time," said Las Animas County Commissioner Felix Lopez. "Colorado is at a crossroads. Too many people are hurting, and the trajectory of our state is going in the wrong direction. Heidi and Danny can correct and get us back on track.”

According to her website, Ganahl has experience in both the public and private sectors, and as an elected official, she serves on the University of Colorado Board of Regents, which allows her to manage a $5 billion budget and over 30,000 employees. Ganahl has also served as the chair of the finance committee, the audit committee, and the search committee for the new CU president and has headed campus initiatives regarding free speech and the cost of college.

Inspired by her passion for pets, Ganahl founded Camp Bow Wow, the largest pet care franchise in the world, alongside its sister charity, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. Said foundation rehomed over 10,000 dogs and raised over $1 million for animal health causes during Ganahl's tenure. Ganahl also built SheFactor, a community focused on inspiring young women to pursue their dream lives. Fortune magazine named her one of its 10 Most Promising Entrepreneurs. Ganahl defeated Greg Lopez in the June Republican primary and will compete with incumbent Democratic Governor Jared Polis in the November general election.

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