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Kemp says Georgia residents feel "the consequences of Joe Biden's recession"

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Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has extended the pause on collecting state motor fuel taxes to Sept. 12, following its most recent extension to Thursday. The governor paused the tax collection multiple times following the first instance in March, which was initially meant to end in May.

"I have extended the temporary suspension of the state’s motor fuel tax to alleviate the financial burden placed on Georgians due to the federal government’s gross mishandling of inflation," Kemp said in an Aug. 3 tweet. "I have also renewed efforts to address supply chain challenges."

"With 40-year high inflation, gas prices that are still far too high, and supply chains strained under the weight of bad decisions, hardworking residents of the Peach State have been feeling the consequences of Joe Biden's recession long before it was announced," Kemp said in a statement attached to the tweet announcing that he had signed two executive orders aimed at reducing Georgia drivers' gas fees," he said.

Motor club federation AAA reported that Georgia gas prices have dropped following record highs in June, The average price per gallon was $3.72 on Aug. 3, down from about 60 cents from the previous month.

Kemp's second order renewed Georgia's State of Emergency for Supply Chain Disruptions, which is also set to expire on Sept. 12.

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