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Jones: New police officers will serve 'this wonderful community with dignity, pride, and excellence'

Police Chief Jerel Jones introduced the officers to council members and the community at the Dec. 19 meeting, saying the department "is very proud of these officers" for joining the police force.

New officers Jared Dixon, Bryce Herrick, and Alec Lyle were recruited to join the department and attend the police academy. The entry-level candidates "successfully completed basic law-enforcement training," Jones said at the ceremony, "and all of them passed their exams with flying colors," an accomplishment confirmed by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board, according to Jones.

"These officers are entering law enforcement for the first time," Jones said, "and are eager to learn the streets of Macomb."

Jones also introduced Officer Amber Schlomer, a lateral transfer with prior experience in law enforcement at a different police department.

"She has joined the Macomb police department and is currently in our field training program, where she is doing a phenomenal job," Jones said.

A fifth officer, Officer Christopher Zobrist, was unable to attend the swearing-in ceremony and will be sworn in at a later date, Jones said.

"It's very difficult nowadays to recruit officers," Jones said. "And that's not unique to law enforcement locally or regionally. That's all over the country.

"And so we can definitely stand here proud tonight," he said, "knowing that we have officers who are definitely interested in working for the Macomb City Police Department and serving this wonderful community with dignity, pride, and excellence."

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