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Illinois' Jacobs: "Don't miss the 2nd Annual Buffalo Tro Dinner!"

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Illinois state Rep. Paul Jacobs (R-Pamona) invited his social media followers to join him at the Buffalo Tro Dinner.

"Don't miss the 2nd Annual Buffalo Tro Dinner!" he said on Facebook this week. "See you Oct. 1st!" An RSVP form was attached to his post.

In June, Jacobs announced a community development block grant for Mount Vernon.

"These Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) will improve sewer and water delivery systems, improve housing situations for individuals struggling with the high cost of living, and sends the message that I'm fighting for Southern Illinois' fair share of infrastructure funds," he said in a June North Egypt News release.

Jacobs also spoke out about the rising risk of potential blackouts and brownouts while discussing Republicans' new energy package that is focused on altering the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

“Our warnings about blackouts and brownouts and the threat to the grid by arbitrarily imposing closure dates on our coal-fired power and natural gas power plants fell on deaf ears, and Governor Pritzker signed off on the legislation with no regard for the impact it would have on Southern Illinois,” he said in an August News release. “I am hearing from Ameren customers that their bills have gone up this summer as much as 400% in some cases. Businesses of all sizes, working families, and seniors are all feeling the pinch of higher food and gas prices, and are now being whacked by unsustainable and unaffordable higher energy costs.

"We can bring down the price of energy and restore our own energy independence by using our vast natural resources to power the grid. The legislation I’m sponsoring along with Rep. Windhorst, Rep. Severin, and several of my colleagues from throughout downstate Illinois would stabilize our electric grid, cut energy costs across the board, and eliminate bureaucratic barriers to bringing new power plants online. This is about providing our citizens with the reliable, affordable, efficient, and sustainable power they need and deserve.”

A Pomona resident, Jacobs was first elected to the Illinois House in 2020 representing the 115th District, the House said. His legislative experience includes serving on the Tourism Committee and the Higher Education Committee. He is currently running in the newly drawn 118th District race.

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