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IL State Senator Bryant: "I had a few minutes today to stop off at Marshall Browning Hospital"

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Illinois State Senator Terri Bryant made a brief visit to Marshall Browning Hospital in DuQuoin to commemorate the facility's 100th anniversary, according to a Facebook post published on Friday.

"I had a few minutes today to stop off at Marshall Browning Hospital in DuQuoin, IL. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Congrats to Interim CEO, Dan Eaves and all of his great staff present and past," Bryant's post read.

Bryant ran unopposed in the Republican primary for her Senate seat this year, allowing her to proceed to the general election in November.

Marshall Browning celebrated its anniversary on Sunday, with a wide array of activities available for visitors of all ages. Alongside the music and food, displays of a firetruck, an Arch helicopter, and an ambulance were available for people to learn more about.

In November 2021, the Illinois Critical Hospital Network recognized Marshall Browning as being in the top 10% of critical access hospitals in the United States.

"We are very proud of our team for achieving this level of excellence in health quality," Marshall Browning CEO Daniel Eaves said. "This is truly a team effort that recognizes our dedication to delivering a health care experience of which our patients and staff can be proud."

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