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IL Senate candidate Solano: "High property taxes are crushing families and businesses"

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Republican state Senate candidate for the 31st District Adam Solano weighed in on the property tax burden in Lake County during an interview with the Lake County Gazette.

“High property taxes are crushing families and businesses in Lake County," Solano said. "Already forced to pay the second highest property taxes in the nation, four years of complete Democrat control in Springfield have burdened our people even more - the average working family in our community has paid $2,288 more in property taxes since J.B. Pritzker and Springfield Democrats pushed their agenda through. And it will be more of the same with my opponent, Mary Edly Allen."

"With inflation hitting 9% this year, local governments can now increase property taxes even more than usual," he said. "I demand that local government officials in Lake County oppose any burdensome property tax increases on taxpayers so that working families in our communities can keep more of their hard-earned money.”

According to the Illinois Policy Journal, Illinoisians have paid $2,288 more in property taxes, on top of the net tax hike of $2,164.57, under the Pritzker administration. A rebate was offered this year, with the median being $279. Furthermore, the Center Square reports that tax bills for households statewide have increased 268% and average home values have appreciated 114% since 1990. Illinois residents are currently paying $4,400 in property taxes.

According to, Illinois ranks sixth in the nation for the percentage of property tax paid to the property value. Statewide, the median property tax is $3,507 (ranked 7th out of 50), and the income percentage is 5.11% (ranked 5th out of 50).

District 31, which includes Lake County, ranks 15th out of 3,143 counties for median property taxes. Lake County also collects the highest property tax in Illinois, levying an average of $6,285 in yearly property taxes, equal to 2.19% of median home value.

A Lake County native, Solano has lived in Grayslake since 1996. He started working in financial services in 1993, and since then, has served in local professional groups as a mentor to industry peers and newcomers.

Solano will face off against Democratic candidate Mary Edly-Allen in November's general election.

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