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Hamer: "Census of Agriculture data are widely used by federal and local governments"

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the soon-to-be-released option for American farmers and ranchers to participate in "the nation’s only comprehensive and impartial agriculture data for every state, county, and territory."

The USDA will distribute the 2022 Census of Agriculture to millions of farmers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico this fall, according to an Aug. 29 National Agricultural Statistics Service news release.

“Census of Agriculture data are widely used by federal and local governments, agribusinesses, trade associations, extension educators and many others to inform decisions about policy and farm programs and services that aid producers and rural communities,” National Agricultural Statistics Service Administrator Hubert Hamer said in the release. “By responding to the Census of Agriculture – by being represented in these important data – producers are literally helping to shape their futures.”

The census is set to be mailed in phases, starting with an invitation to respond online in November, followed by physical questionnaires in December, the release reported. The census will include farm operations of all sizes, including urban and rural, which produced and sold, or would've sold $1,000 or more of agricultural output in 2022.

The Census of Agriculture has been gathered since 1840 in support of American agriculture and is currently conducted every five years by the NASS every five years. According to the release, it "tells the story and shows the value of U.S. agriculture," emphasizing subjects such as producer traits, producing strategies, income expenses, and land usage and ownership.

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