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Granholm 'deeply grated for Dr. Wang's willingness to serve the American people'

Evelyn Wang, the current department head of MIT's Mechanical Engineering Department and the Ford Professor of Engineering, was confirmed Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) for the DOE by a Senate voice vote on Dec. 22. DOE Sec. Jennifer Granholm stated she is "so grateful to the Senate" in a statement announcing the appointment.

"Dr. Wang’s experience and expertise with groundbreaking research will ensure that ARPA-E continues its role as a key engine of innovation and climate action," Granholm said in the statement. "I am deeply grateful for Dr. Wang’s willingness to serve the American people, and we’re so excited to welcome her to DOE.”

Wang is a preeminent researcher in phase-change heat transfer, and has applied the research to desalination devices, solar thermal energy conversion, thermal batters, water harvesting and more, according to the statement.

"Her research combines heat and mass transport processes with nanoengineered materials," the announcement states, "to create innovative solutions for clean energy and water."

Granholm posted to social media that ARPA-E's efforts in early-stage energy technologies "has never been more important.

"Dr. Evelyn Wang's expertise will ensure ARPA-E continues to drive innovation," Granholm said in the Dec. 22 Twitter post, "and I'm deeply grateful for her service."

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