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FTC secretary: "The commission declines to extend the period for public comment"

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The Federal Trade Commission recently denied a request made by the the National Automobile Dealers Association and other trade groups to extend the deadline for public comments regarding the FTC's proposed auto dealer regulations.

In an undated document, FTC Secretary April Tabor noted that the public had already received an additional 20 days to submit comment due to the new regulations being proposed on June 23. The proposal was then published into the Federal Register 20 days later, on July 13, and the 60-day comment period ends on Sept. 12, making 80 days in total.

"This period affords the public a meaningful opportunity to provide the Commission with comments regarding its rulemaking proposal," Tabor wrote. "Upon consideration of these facts and the requests, the commission declines to extend the period for public comment."

Although the FTC had already received approximately 2,400 comments, the commission voted 5-0 against a further deadline extension for public input. Other associations that joined NADA in requesting an extension were the American International Automotive Dealers Association, the National Independent Automotive Dealer Association and the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers.

Other councils and associations more involved in the "finance and insurance" field that also saw comment extensions include the American Financial Services Association, the Service Contract Industry Council, the Guaranteed Asset Protection Alliance and the Motor Vehicle Protection Products Association.

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