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Former Collin County judge candidate says he was assaulted by the other candidate

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Former Democratic candidate for Collin County judge, Joshua Murray, called for the District Attorney's Office to authorize an investigation into Republican incumbent Chris Hill allegedly assaulting him, in Nov. 25 tweet.

"How long does it take for the Collin County DA to sign a piece of paper authorizing the Texas Rangers to assume the investigation into Collin County Judge Chris Hill slapping me?" Murray wrote. "(More than) 14 days and counting. Release all videos and the 911 call ASAP!"

According to The Dallas Morning News, Murray claimed that Hill had assaulted him in early November. Murray alleged that Hill pushed and slapped him when he returned to a courtroom to retrieve the sunglasses that he had left behind. Murray then reported the incident to law enforcement. The Collin County Sheriff's Office stated that the investigation was referred to the Texas Rangers, but according to Murray, the Rangers have yet to begin their investigation.

While Hill has yet to personally respond to the allegations, he posted a statement on Facebook on Nov. 7, the day before the general election, accusing Murray of being found in contempt of court for verbally taunting the presiding judge and refusing multiple orders to leave the courtroom.

"In the courtroom, Mr. Murray shouted at the judge, 'You’re going to lose everything tomorrow,' and 'I’m going to take away your power tomorrow,' and 'I have nothing to lose [in the election]. You have everything to lose,' and 'I’ve already won!'" Hill's release said.

"Mr. Murray ignored multiple orders to leave the courtroom, responding to the judge, 'This is not your courtroom!' He refused to exit the courtroom until a bailiff escorted him out. While still in the courtroom, Mr. Murray called 9-1-1 and falsely reported that he had been assaulted," according to Hill's Facebook post.

Hill says this incident marked the second time that Murray had been held in contempt of court following a prior incident in May of 2021.

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