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EPA Administrator Regan: "The Inflation Reduction Act is a game-changer for the American people"

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan commended the House of Representatives for advancing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 following its advancement in the Senate.

This act is intended to "bolster U.S. energy security, help families save money on energy costs and prescription drugs, reduce the deficit and create good-paying jobs, according to an Aug. 12 EPA news release.

"Every day, people are experiencing flooding, heatwaves, extreme storms, wildfires, rising energy costs and other impacts brought on by climate change. Vulnerable communities are being hit first and worst," Regan said in the release. "The Inflation Reduction Act is a game-changer for the American people. President Biden is delivering on his promise to tackle the climate crisis and secure environmental and economic benefits for all people."

Regan said the EPA is ready to advance the president's environmental agenda and make sure these funds reach the areas and people that need them most to help improve people's lives, the release reported.

"We will use these unprecedented resources to reduce harmful air pollution in places where people live, work, play and go to school," Regan said in the release. "We will accelerate our work on environmental justice and empower community-driven solutions in overburdened neighborhoods. We will aggressively combat damaging climate pollution while supporting the creation of good jobs and lowering energy costs for families.

"With this legislation, we will deliver progress for people and the planet. Let’s go," he concluded, according to the release.

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