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Elik: "Congrats to the Village of East Alton and the History Museum Committee for this new marker!"

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Illinois State Representative Amy Elik promoted the unveiling of a new historical marker in East Alton in a Facebook post published on November 7.

"The Village of East Alton dedicated a new historical marker this weekend dedicated to the World War I Horses in East Alton," Elik wrote. "The marker is right in front of the East Alton Public Library, and discusses the history of the stockyards in East Alton that shipped more than 250,000 horses to British, French and Belgian governments for use during WWI for cavalry and for transporting supplies. The marker is the first in the state of Illinois to be dedicated for an animal. Congrats to the Village of East Alton and the History Museum Committee for this new marker!"

Elik also published another Facebook post on Friday commemorating Veterans Day.

"Today we honor the brave men and women who have served our country and fought to protect the freedoms we hold dear. Thank you, veterans, for your strength, courage, and dedication to our great nation. Happy Veterans Day," she wrote.

Elik is a Republican who resides in Fosterburg and was first elected to the Illinois House in 2020. Her legislative experience includes serving on the "Transportation: Regulation, Roads" and "Revenue & Finance" committees.

Elik was re-elected to represent Illinois' 111th House District in the November general election, defeating Democratic challenger Joe Silkwood.

“Thank you to voters in the 111th district for your faith in me," Elik said following her victory. "I will continue to work hard to lower our overall tax burden while increasing opportunity for metro-east families. I love giving a voice to our region and am so proud to represent you for another term.“

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