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DOE's Granholm: "Reports show U.S. wind energy deployment and generating capacity are booming"

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The U.S. Department of Energy released three reports examining the success and efficiency of the U.S. Wind Power Sector.

The reports — the Land-Based Wind Market Report, the Offshore Wind Market Report and the Distributed Win Market Report — found that the sector accounted for 32% of the country's energy capacity growth in 2021, can provide energy for approximately 40 million homes and employs 120,000 Americans, according to an Aug. 16 news release.

“These reports show U.S. wind energy deployment and generating capacity are booming — delivering cheap, reliable and clean energy to power even more American homes and businesses,” Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said in the release. “The rapid technological and industrial advances in the domestic wind sector are creating new jobs for the clean energy workforce and assuring wind power’s critical role in achieving President Biden’s climate and decarbonization goals.”

"Did you know the wind industry hit a record 120,000 jobs in 2021, with $20B+ invested in new wind projects? Learn how this renewable resource is powering a clean energy future for Americans at home and on the job with @eeregov's newest reports," the U.S. Department of Energy said in an Aug. 16 post on Twitter.

The signing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 by President Joe Biden is expended to give long-term certainty to the wind industry and fuel the sector's yearly growth by expanding the federal production tax credit for approximately a decade. The act also extends the terms of critical tax incentives supporting the employment of land-based, offshore and distributed wind technologies.

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