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DOE's Granholm: "Funding will provide the tools for a strong, resilient and secure electricity grid"

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The U.S. Department of Energy announced a $45 million investment into 15 research, development and demonstration projects focused on the enhancement of cyber technology to protect the electric grid from cyber threats.

The funds will be provided by the DOE's Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response, according to an Aug. 17 news release.

“As DOE builds out America’s clean energy infrastructure, this funding will provide the tools for a strong, resilient and secure electricity grid that can withstand modern cyberthreats and deliver energy to every pocket of America,” Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said in the release. “DOE will use this investment to continue delivering on the Biden administration’s commitment to making energy cheaper, cleaner and more reliable.”

The news release specifies six proposed project topic areas: automated cyberattack prevention and mitigation, security and resiliency by design, authentication mechanisms for energy delivery systems, automated methods to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities, cybersecurity through advanced software solutions and integration of new concepts and technologies with existing infrastructure.

"Securing our energy infrastructure from cyberattacks protects American communities," U.S. Department of Energy said in an Aug. 17 post on Twitter. "Today, @DOE_CESER is investing $45M into projects that will build up our grid's resiliency and deliver cleaner, cheaper power to households across the country."

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