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DOE: Funding will "advance technology to create a more leak-tight natural gas system"

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The U.S. Department of Energy announced a $32 million investment in funding for the research and development of technologies to reduce methane emissions from America's oil- and gas-producing industries.

Methane is the second most abundant greenhouse gas warming the planet, after carbon dioxide, according to an Aug. 5 Department of Energy news release.

"Methane is more destructive than carbon dioxide to our health and environment, so it's crucial we develop solutions to identify and mitigate leaks at their sources," Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm said in the release. “Today's funding bolsters DOE’s efforts to advance next-generation technologies and systems to help make the natural gas infrastructure leak-tight, which will dramatically reduce methane emissions across the country and deliver cleaner air for all.”

The projects funded through the funding opportunity announcement will help to maintain and bolster America's natural gas infrastructure, supporting President Joe Biden's goal of cutting global methane emissions by 30% of 2020's levels by 2030, the release reported.

"Did you know methane is more destructive than CO2?" U.S. Department of Energy said in an Aug. 5 post on Twitter. "We just announced $32M to advance technology to create a more leak-tight natural gas system that will help slash these emissions and combat climate change."

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