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DispatchHealth rolls out "cost-effective and convenient" at-home medical care to Austin patients

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DispatchHealth, an in-home medical provider, announced Monday the rollout of on-demand urgent and emergent medical care to Austin patients, according to a press release.

With recent technological advancements, providers can travel with the needed tools and treatments to treat non-threatening injuries or illnesses. This means that patients can receive EKGs, lab testing, IV medications, X-rays, ultrasounds and more from their homes.

"We've realized in recent years that many of the people we see in local emergency rooms have injuries and illnesses that we can treat safely at home and for a fraction of the price," DispatchHealth Regional Medical Director Dr. Noah Rosenberg said. "Not only is this more cost-effective and convenient for the patient. but we're also freeing up beds in our hospital emergency rooms for those who need lifesaving care."

After entering the Austin medical market in July 2021, DispatchHealth has treated hundreds of patients from the comfort of their homes, easing the strain put on emergency rooms facing a surplus of patients. In addition, caring for at-home patients has achieved medical cost savings beyond $1 million. The company plans on expanding its services into Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Hutto and Elgin in September.

DispatchHealth accepts most major insurance companies with costs equal to an urgent care copay. Medical teams are available every day, evening and on holidays. Those seeking medical care can request it at dispatchhealth.comor at 737-238-3202.

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