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Department of Energy: "It's been a year since the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law"

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The U.S. Department of Energy commemorated the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law by President Joe Biden.

During a panel at COP27, DOE Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm spoke about the law's current implementation progress, as well as how it would impact the recent Inflation Reduction Act, according to a Nov. 15 news release.

“One year after President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, DOE is working to lower energy costs for Americans and ensuring that high-quality union jobs are growing across American-made clean energy industries,” Granholm said in the release. “I couldn’t be prouder of the work this administration and DOE has done so far to deliver for Americans and position America to lead in the world’s clean energy transition while addressing historical inequalities in our energy systems."

Some of the BIL's contributions to the government's clean energy goals include $2.8 billion for battery materials processing and component manufacturing for 21 projects across 12 states, $425 million in formula funding for states to develop and implement clean energy programs and projects, and a $250 million program to help rural, municipal and small investor-owned electric utilities enhance their cybersecurity, the release reported.

"Can you believe it's been a year since the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law? SO MUCH has happened in the past 12 months — billions of $$$ invested in clean energy, the grid, and energy justice — but don't take our word for it. Watch @SecGranholm break it down," DOE posted on Nov. 15 on Twitter.

"Another month, another @POTUS @ENERGY update! Lots of big news here lately—huge investments in manufacturing, jobs, consumer rebates—but those headlines don't always get at the heart of our mission, which is to make people's lives safer, healthier, and more affordable," Granholm said in a Nov. 8 Twitter post.

"With the signing of the #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw one year ago today, @POTUS kicked off what was to become a history-making year for clean energy investments in America," the DOE said on Twitter on Nov. 15.

"So what does this mean for American workers, families, and consumers?" DOE continued in a Twitter thread. "Good jobs. Safer homes. Lower monthly bills. More options for consumers. Support for the state, local and Tribal governments to help build up their communities."

"Making people's lives better is what our mission here at @ENERGY is all about," Granholm posted on Twitter on Nov. 15. "From the #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw to the #CHIPSandScienceAct to the #InflationReductionAct, @POTUS' clean energy agenda is doing just that. Couldn't be prouder to be part of this administration."

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