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Davidsmeyer: "Congrats on the first place in the Golden Abe Food Contest"

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State Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) congratulated local food truck Fried What!? on its victory in the Golden Abe's Fantastic Food Contest at the Illinois State Fair.

"Fried What? Congrats on the first place in the Golden Abe Food Contest," he said in a recent Facebook post.

Food vendors were given the opportunity to present three of their creations, which were judged on Saturday based on three categories: taste, presentation, and creativity.

Fair officials also congratulated Fried What!? in a Facebook post on Friday.

"Congrats to Fried What of Grafton, IL, on winning the Golden Abe Food Contest," the post read. "Their fried Key lime pie placed first of 44 competitors. You can check them out across from the Village of Cultures on Main Avenue."

The fried Key lime pie is one of many fried treats the food truck offers, including deep-fried Twinkies, pickles, tomatoes, and mac 'n' cheese.

The competition began on Friday and the Golden Abe's Fantastic Food Contest will be open for public voting until August 19, according to the Illinois state government website. A link for voting will be provided on the website soon.

The Fried What!? food truck has been a local icon for approximately a decade, My Journal Courier reported. It has made consistent appearances at festivals and community events, to the delight of many. It is currently parked on the west side of the exposition building at the State Fair and will remain there for approximately 10 days.

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