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CUSD300 Deputy Superintendent Smith discussed enrichment opportunities for 2023 summer semester

Deputy Superintendent Martina Smith led a discussion on what the 2023 summer school program for her district will offer. CUSD300 will continue to provide a K-8 program as they have for the past two summers, and it will run from June 5 through 15 and give all students the opportunity to receive 8 instructional days in math and/or English if they desire. The district will also provide transportation for students to the necessary locations, which might not be at each student's normal buildings. They will also ensure that the families of students who may need support are notified of the summer opportunity and its benefits.

CUSD300 also plans on consolidating schools in the area into one centralized building per campus to decrease the amount of necessary transportation and open facilities. The district will also be providing one meal (breakfast or lunch), as well as a snack, to each attending student, although the specifics surrounding that aspect of the plan are still being decided.

"What we're looking at this year is if we add some more enrichment opportunity with this," Smith said, "as well as new materials for teachers and that field trip opportunity, transportation, and food for all because these are things that we may not have had previously if we can get our numbers up this year and then we look at how we can adjust and what will make it better based off of feedback from this year's programming to make any additional changes for the following summer."

CUSD300 will also be allowing Middle School credit for middle school students who need to retake a core class. The two available sessions for the opportunity are May 30 through June 15 and June 20 through July 7. The district's high school will also host the same credit recovery option with the same two session timespans and specified school locations. Students can also take enrichment courses such as driver's ed, history, sports, economics and government, and can use the additional time in the summer to get ahead regarding school requirements and credits. CUSD300 will also offer other opportunities over the summer for multiple ages and grade levels, including choir, band, orchestra, theatre camps, STEM and CTE camps and athletic camps and training.

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