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Cooper warns state residents to "stay aware" of Hurricane Ian

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North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency Wednesday in order to adequately prepare the state for the potential impacts of Hurricane Ian later in the week, according to a WXII 12 article published Thursday.

“A state of emergency is needed so that farmers and those preparing for the storm can more quickly get ready for the heavy rain that is likely to fall in much of our state," Cooper said. "North Carolinians should stay aware, keep a close eye on the forecast and prepare their emergency supplies.”

Following Cooper's declaration, North Carolina's emergency operations plan will be activated. The plan includes waiving transportation rules to aid in the transport of fuel and critical supplies, helping first responders and the agriculture industry, and protecting consumers from price gouging. Approximately 80 North Carolina National Guard members were also activated.

North Carolina is expecting heavy rainfall, along with potential flooding and tornadoes Friday through Saturday due to the remnants of Ian.

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