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Commander Renihan: "The village has always been in support of the veterans in active duty"

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The Vernon Hills Village Board issued a resolution in favor of a local veteran's request during its meeting on Nov. 1.

Village resident and American Legion Post 1247 Commander Todd Renihan asked the board to support continued efforts to expand Illinois' Fort Sheridan National Veterans Cemetery. The project currently has the support of veterans' organizations such as the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration. While the Village Board has no authority in the matter, Vernon Hills residents have asked for their official support in an effort to show all involved parties how important the matter is.

"We want as much support in Lake County as possible to make sure that the state understands how important it is for veterans to have an expanded cemetery," Renihan said. "And the village has always been in support of the veterans in active duty in this community. And we appreciate your support going forward as well."

The cemetery expansion would involve a legislative transfer of land from the Lake County Forest Preservation District to the VA-controlled former Army base, a move that would have to be approved by multiple bodies such as the county itself, and would also need amendments to the Forest Preserve Act and a signature from the governor.

Renihan explained that the Fort Sheridan National Veterans Cemetery was running out of space to bury veterans who requested to be buried there and that the expansion would allow for the development of thousands of additional graves. The board voted in support of the project.

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