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Cho: HSI Kansas City is working 'to eradicate human trafficking in our community'

HSI special agents work with the HSI Assistance Program to ensure human trafficking victims are assured of their rights and have access to the services they are owed under the law, according to a Jan. 4 news release. HSI also provides expertise and leadership to other law enforcement partners at the local, state, federal and international levels by organizing training regarding strategies and the best practices that can be utilized to counter this heinous crime of exploitation.

“Human trafficking is likely happening in your neighborhood and unfortunately members of the community who would typically offer respite to someone being victimized, may not because they are simply unaware that it’s happening,” HSI Kansas City Special Agent in Charge Taekuk Cho said in the release. “That is one of the many reasons this yearly campaign is so important. We at HSI Kansas City want to ensure that the public knows the indicators of human trafficking and how to report it.”

The news release describes HSI Kansas City as "a leader in the world in the battle against human trafficking and has a broad purpose to aggressively combat the practice."

“HSI Kansas City is working diligently throughout Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa to eradicate human trafficking in our community, but this is very much a coordinated effort with the public, individuals in positions of trust, and law enforcement,” Cho added, according to the release.

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