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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot praises high school football programs for 'perseverance, determination'

The Council recognized two student-athletes, a coach, and the president of Simeon High School, as well as four students, a coach, and the principal of Mount Carmel Catholic High School, for their boys' football teams' championship seasons, according to a video of the meeting posted to the City Council’s Vimeo page.

Simeon won the 2022 Chicago City Public Schools championship, and Mount Carmel won their 14th state championship. Mount Carmel is an all-boys institution in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago and has been a part of the community for more than 120 years.

"Chicago, of course, is a sports city, and these teams really stand out in the history of sports teams and high school teams in particular," said Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot. "It says a lot about, I think, not only the coaching and the commitment, but also about the quality of the young men that are populating both of these teams. At the high school level, we know there has to be incredible perseverance, determination, and talent leading these players to success.”

The mayor highlighted each school for being the top team in their respective athletic divisions.

“Not only did each team win their respective championship, but they were the winning team throughout their season,” Lightfoot said. “Mount Carmel was undefeated, and as Alderman Moore says, that is an incredible accomplishment across all the incredible competition that you face, that you win 14-0. Kudos to you, gentlemen. Quite an accomplishment. And Simeon finished their season 12-1 also an incredible accomplishment. The greatness of these players, their coaches and the school communities rallying behind them is clear."

Chicago Alderman and Mount Carmel graduate, Matthew O'Shea, also congratulated the students, as well as their families and school staff, before speaking about the school's past graduates and their connections to Chicago.

Many of the city's 50 aldermen praised the schools for their accomplishments speaking highly of their academic and athletic programs.

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