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Butler says he's "proud to support projects in the Village of Riverton"

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Illinois state Rep. Tim Butler shared a Facebook post on Monday from the village of Riverton thanking him for his support.

"The Village of Riverton would like to extend our gratitude to Representative Tim Butler," the post read. "The support we received from Representative Butler was instrumental in securing the Capital Funds for the road work that is being completed in town. We also want to thank Kuhn and Trello, along with Truman Flatt for all their hard work."

Butler responded to the village with his own Facebook post on Tuesday.

"Working with local officials like Mayor Tom Rader to identify community needs and get dollars flowing for infrastructure improvements has been an important part of my role as State Rep." Butler wrote. "Proud to support projects in the Village of Riverton with capital dollars from Rebuild Illinois."

The Rebuild Illinois capital plan will invest $44.8 billion over six years, with $33.2 billion of that amount reserved for improving transportation infrastructure. The program includes $25.4 billion for roads and bridges, $1.4 billion for major rail projects and added Grade Crossing Protection projects, $150 million for aeronautic facility improvements, and another $150 million in new funding for port improvements. The multi-year bill was signed into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker in June 2019.

According to an official Illinois Department of Transportation document, Riverton will receive $37,949.68 in its first disbursement and up to $227,698.08 in six future disbursements.

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