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Brown: Internship a chance to grow "as a future worker"

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The Savanna River Site's (SRS) newest intern in the Savannah River Mission Completion’s (SRMC) welding shop is a graduate of South Carolina’s only historically black technical college, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced recently.

Tyjhanera Brown, a graduate of Denmark Technical College (DTC) welding program, is now an intern at SRMC's H Tank Farm welding shop, the DOE announced on Oct. 11, "where all welders must be tested and certified before starting work for the Liquid Waste Program at SRS. SRMC is the liquid waste contractor at SRS, according to the announcement.

Brown said her interest in welding began when she learned about a high school course on welding, the DOE reports.

“Once I attended those initial classes," Brown said, "I knew it was something I wanted to pursue for my career.”

Brown's internship has her assisting weld-test administrators, preparing weld-test materials, and performing "necessary housekeeping," according to the announcement. Brown will also be able to practice welding skills by welding up to three plates per day, under supervision.

She said internships are critical for getting real-world experience, in any industry. Brown said she hopes to become an aerospace or automotive welder in the future.

“I see this internship as a chance to grow, not just as an intern but as a future worker,” Brown said. “Having an experienced team to show me the ropes is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.”

Randy Rimes, SRMC welding inspector and Brown's SRS mentor, said an SRMC internship is a "great way to start a welding career."

“This program allows for interns to receive the hands-on experience they need for a successful career at SRS or any other industry,” Rimes said. “We don’t just teach interns how to weld; we teach them how to work.”

The internship is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding between SRMC and DTC. Using internships and apprenticeships to prepare students for future careers is one of the partnership's goals, according to the DOE.

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