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Arts & Crafts Studio's Mucci: 'let us know [if you have an idea] and we'll see if we can do it'

The first business was Arts & Crafts Studio by Mucci World, run by Mary Mucci. The business offers art lessons, art therapy and stress-relieving splat rooms, among other services. The second business was Best at Training Studio, run by Naland Best. The business offers a wide array of fitness classes and programs for attendees of all ages and abilities.

Mucci thanked the board, noting that her business has been in Tinley Park for approximately eight years and has begun noticing increased traffic, with the number of visitors growing to three times its size since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Arts & Crafts Studio by Mucci World has also become a tourist attraction for visitors from out of town. Mucci thanked everyone who has inspired her and supported her business over the last several years.

"We have added five new artists, local artists that have been with us for a little while now," Mucci said. "We have the kids' day off, the open studio, the Splat Room, which is very exciting, where you get to throw paint at the wall or each other if you want to. I've had a lot of couples come in for that one. It's not for little kids, it's for everyone. So, you'll enjoy that part. So, we're always adding new things to our offerings. And if you had an idea or wanted to see something new, you just have to let us know and we'll see if we can do it."

Best also appeared at the meeting to personally thank the board for their recognition, noting that his business also offers Crossfit, boxing and yoga classes. He began working as a personal trainer after leaving the U.S. Navy, developing his practices to become more able to help his clients meet their fitness goals.

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