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Arizona health care foundation hopes to "work alongside organizations that are making an impact"

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The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health announced the opening of its grant application window for organizations combating critical health issues, according to a release Healthcare Dive published on Wednesday.

Organizations addressing issues such as mental health disorders, substance abuse, chronic health conditions, and health equity have until Sept. 16 to apply.

“As a foundation, our role is to be a connector — to identify where there is a need and where we can work alongside organizations that are making an impact for Arizonans,” Dr. Christine Wiggs, president and board chair of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement, said.

Various health care professionals applauded the application opening and the massive benefits the grants will bring to their communities.

"On behalf of our clinic, our patients and our entire community, we are incredibly humbled and grateful to have been a past recipient of a generous grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona,” Creek Valley Health Clinic CEO Hunter Adams said. “Our community has a high need for health intervention, including medical, behavioral and dental services. The grant we received allows us to continue providing integrated behavioral health services and counseling to low-income families, who may otherwise have limited access to these services due to cost, transportation or other circumstances."

"This goes beyond seeing a doctor or counselor, as it looks to support Mohave County residents to live as safe, healthy and empowered lives as possible. "The grant has transformed our entire rural community as hundreds of individuals have already been impacted, and there is no doubt that some lives have been saved as part of the activities we’re offering," Adams said.

“Through the funding we received from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, the Yavapai Reentry Project has been able to assist multiple individuals with obtaining basic needs such as transportation, housing, food, work uniforms and medical care,” MATFORCE Executive Director Merilee Fowler said. “The funding has also allowed individuals to access mental health services. Providing these basic needs created hope for these individuals and empowered them to overcome barriers. We are so grateful to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona for its support and insight in providing these essential funds which has resulted in these individuals reaching their goals.”

“The funding that we received from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has allowed us to serve American Indian families with a program that restores Native culture, promotes parent-child bonding and empowers young girls to make healthy decisions throughout adolescence,” Rachel Chamber, program director for the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, said. “This funding has been specifically impactful as many of the families served have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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