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Arizona Chamber's Seiden: "Now is not the time to hammer manufacturers with new taxes"

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The National Association of Manufacturers released a poll Wednesday showing that the vast majority of Arizona voters focused on manufacturing oppose the U.S. Senate's plan to raise taxes on manufacturers.

The statewide poll collected responses from 223 manufacturing workers, managers and advocates, with over 90% opposing tax raises on manufacturers, as well as 91% believing that the tax would harm manufacturers' ability to invest in and bolster their own businesses, putting the industry at risk.

“With the U.S. and Arizona economy already showing signs of weakening, this is the wrong time to further undermine growth and the manufacturing sector’s overall competitiveness," Chad Moutray, NAM chief economist, told the Chamber Business News. "As the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation analysis has shown, the corporate minimum tax is disproportionately focused on manufacturers and will limit the sector’s ability to grow and invest—in Arizona and across the country.

“As the survey shows and as other data indicate, it will make it harder to hire more workers, raise wages and invest in our communities. Arizona’s manufacturing voters are clearly saying that this tax will hurt our economy.”

Other state business leaders agreed that the manufacturing industry would suffer under new takes hikes.

“Arizona job creators will continue to urge lawmakers to reject this manufacturers tax and instead focus on policies that encourage job growth and strengthen our state and national economic competitiveness,” Danny Seiden, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry president and CEO, told the News. “In the face of record-high inflation, supply chain backlogs, and a major labor crunch, now is not the time to hammer manufacturers with new taxes.”

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