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Albertsons Roaster Olivas: "You have to have your chile here in New Mexico"

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As Summer continues to bring high temperatures to New Mexico, chile season promises to make things even hotter.

“It’s this time of year coming around, and it’s chile season and we were roasting chile, and we were peeling chile and it’s the excitement of it all,” Rio Bravo Boulevard's Albertsons assistant store director Pamela Padilla told KOB4 news.

Dean Olivas, who has been working as a roaster at Albertsons for over 20 years, says that there's a method to making the perfect roasted chile.

“It starts off at high heat, then right towards the end, we slow down the heat so it kind of burns it real good and, as you see, the seeds start coming out of it,” Olivas said.

“After we seal it in a box, you have to let it cool down for a good few hours before we put it in refrigeration,” he continued.

Roasted chile is one of Albertsons customers' favorite delicacies, with many eagerly anticipating their appearances on shelves.

“They ask us when chile is starting, when chile roasting is starting, they ask probably in the end of June and beginning of the month of July,” Padilla said.

The treat has become a source of local pride for residents such as Olivas.

“Where I am from in Texas, it’s not the same, you have to have your chile here in New Mexico,” he said.

Rio Bravo Boulevard's Albertsons sells up to 875 pounds of chile a day, and about 170 cases a week.

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